A new level of

personal and business insurance

Jack and Seach introduce a groundbreaking standard in personal and business insurance coverage.


Personal Insurance

We offer a wide spectrum of personal insurance options through several major specialist and general underwriters in the South African insurance market.

Report a Claim

To report a claim call us at

or complete an online claims form by selecting the button below.


Business Insurance

We offer a comprehensive range of products for all businesses, from small owner-managed enterprises to large corporations.

For Emergency Assist

Our emergency hotline is available around the clock to provide urgent assistance.

Mission Statement

We aim to:

Be the preferred independent provider of short-term insurance products and services in South Africa.

Be a preferred employer.

Subscribe to the highest standards of fairness, openness and integrity.

Operate in an environment of competence, compliance and financial soundness.

Remain progressive and committed to our clients and our country's changing needs.

With Jack & Seach

you're insured right.

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